Learning in One-to-One Laptop Environments

A new report by Dr. Binbin Zheng at Michigan State University reviews 65 journal articles and 31 doctoral dissertations published from January 2001 to May 2015 to examine the effect of one-to-one laptop programs on teaching and learning in K–12 schools. A meta-analysis of 10 studies examines the impact of laptop programs on students’ academic achievement, finding significantly positive average effect sizes in English, writing, mathematics, and science.

Lesson-Sharing Sites Raise Issues of Ownership, Use

This article discusses lesson-sharing sites, key sources for common-core related PD, and the issues with ownership. “Say you’re a teacher and you’ve created a bang-up lesson on how to teach fractions on the number line. Everyone in the faculty room loves it. Fellow teachers are begging for copies. Your principal suggests you post it online for others to use…”

Open Educational Resources (OER) Stories, Policies, and Resources

The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) presents the second phase of a 2014 initiative designed to explore the state of development and dissemination of OER. In 2015, CCSSO released an update to last year’s OER report, expanding the research to include districts and educators working closely with OER.

EdTech Update

SETDA and Aggregage have partnered to publish the EdTech Update. This site and newsletter brings together in one place content from the widest set of industry thought leaders. EdTech Update is responsive and customizable, using what the audience does with the content, both collectively and individually, to deliver the most interesting and relevant content to each reader.

Ensuring the Quality of Digital Content for Learning

This paper, published with Foresight Law and Policy, complements SETDA’s prior digital transition policy briefs by examining strategies for ensuring digital content quality, including exploration of the specific quality-control challenges and opportunities associated with OER.  
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