As schools move towards digital learning environments, it is necessary to foster parental support to advance the transition. District and school leaders need to educate parents on the benefits of digital learning to support personalized student learning, while addressing some of the parental concerns around digital citizenship, data privacy and security and the homework gap. National parent organizations may want to share this toolkit with members to explain the importance of moving towards digital learning and addressing some of the parental concerns as a district or school implements digital learning. Some of the key areas of concern that parents/care providers might express about learning in the digital age include the use of digital instructional materials, digital citizenship, student data privacy and security and the homework gap.

instructional materialsI don’t know what online resources to choose to help my children with homework. When I search the internet, there are so many choices.

Digital CitizenshipHow do I know that my child knows how to use the internet and digital resources responsibly? What resources are available for parents?

Students can learn how to use technology through a positive school culture that supports the safe and responsible use of digital tools and resources. Teachers, librarians and counselors are a good resource for students to learn about digital citizenship and how to navigate issues of cyberbullying, internet safety, digital footprint and other digital concerns.

Homework gapMy child requires access to the internet outside of school. Our internet is slow and unreliable. What can we do?

I am worried about who has access to my child’s information and how it might be used. What measures are in place to ensure information is protected?

Good Digital Parenting

In this short video by the Family Online Safety Institute, teens help parents to understand, discuss and encourage the use online privacy settings for their children.


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