From the Field


“Increasing the effectiveness of professional learning is the leverage point with the greatest potential for strengthening and refining the day-to-day performance of educators.”

Learning Forward

Educators are the core of our education system. Increased digital learning opportunities for students and educators demands a systemic approach to professional learning that supports teachers throughout their careers. Professional learning that takes place as an ongoing process, based on relevant research is the key to  ensuring high-quality, relevant, college and career ready learning experiences to better address specific student learning needs. Educators – teachers and administrators – need to be able to choose the technology tools and resources most appropriate for their instructional practices to best meet the needs of students. This necessitates professional learning opportunities in content, programs and applications, as well as ongoing, sustained on-site support for teachers. Sustainable professional learning models, geared specifically to support teachers in student centered, digital learning environments can positively impact the teaching and learning experiences.

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