While states, districts, and schools have long collected certain education data for accountability purposes, there is growing interest in leveraging data from digital learning tools, online services, educational apps, and other technologies. However, with all the data available to us through technology, school leaders and educators still lack the ability to easily transform that data to information to help guide decisions about instruction, school administration, and operations. Further, the systems we use to collect, manage, analyze, and report on that data are often disconnected and don’t work well together.

Key Questions

Facilitator Guide

interoperabilityThe Faciliator Guide – Interoperability provides education leaders with the information and resources they need to conduct a professional learning session. Participants will:
  • Understand interoperability needs
  • Review national interoperability standards and tools
  • Hear from exemplars on how to overcome challenges
  • Interact with your peers to learn what tools they use
  • Develop and maintain relationships with other district and state leaders
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